A new chapter ~ OP - Factions.


On the 7th of February Factions will be closing for the indefinite future as many players said that we should do OP-Factions,
I have taken on board a lot of the bugs and stuff that people had this Season, it really has been a rocky road and I thank those that do still do get on.

Factions Top Calculations:
The /faction top winner will be calculated on Thursday the 6th of February so that we can get your reward in time for Start of the Chapter/Season.

I'm very excited to bring OP-Factions to Tea-MC as always, we have our plans to create something fun to play and unique feeling all whilst allowing you to feel right at home and coming with the release is 2 brand new lower tier ranks: Coal and Iron, we are yet to determine a price point for them but they will both be underneath Gold and as feature filled as we can get them.

We will also be adding more crates, improving our Sell Wand Selection and pricing & a few more lovely items will be hitting shop.tea-mc.com very soon after the new beginning!

Release Date: 7th February 5PM GMT
Closure date: 7th of February 1PM