December Updates

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Hi Everyone, I'm writing this article to keep everyone updated on everything that's happening with TeaMC currently.

We're currently running Giveaways on our Discord server on a regular basis for both server ranks and shop coupons. If you'd like to join in, You can join our Discord server here:

Annihilation hasn't been forgotten. It's been delayed, I've used multiple plugins however I've had to admit defeat due to bugs or lack of features. We've made the decision we will be using a fairly old plugin (Which is still stable) as it's got all the features to launch the server as well as the positive of it being opensource so our development team can constantly work on updates and bug fixes.
* We've got a custom lobby being built by @XxSandstyles_ - We aim to be releasing Annihilation (On a testing scenario) within the next week or so.

Yes, It's official. KitPvP is currently being developed by @ImUncertain - Raph has big plans for KitPVP, Custom coded kits and kit upgrades as well as team rewards, To state a few. I'll update the article with an ETA of release when we have one. (With lot's of plugins for this being redeveloped from the ground up, I can't personally say how long this will take)

Unfortunately Creative isn't really being played. Management is yet to make a final decision however it will likely be replaced by Survival. (Any donors for this server will be compensated/refunded) - We will keep you updated.


I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who provided feedback through suggestions to improve the server or reporting on bugs that can hurt the player experience. It's massively appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed.

Lastly, A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who continues to vote, It's by far the best way to support the server and help the player base grow. Special place in our hearts for everyone who votes and continues to do so. (Don't forget, You can even win shop coupons for voting the most!)

Phew, Quite a lot covered. If you have any questions at all, Don't hesitate in messaging me or any other staff member. Thank's again for all of the continued support!


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.