Free Donor Coupons!

Hello Tea-MC Players!

Today I'm bringing a little test the management team has decided to run to help populate the server and in turn giving those who help, Coupons to use at the shop.

What do I need to do to claim the free coupon?
- It's rather simple really, All you have to do is create an invite on discord and set it so it never expires. (Click here for an example)
- Invite 50 players to the TeaMC Discord.
- Once you've successfully invited 50 players to the discord, Messgage @Nowt4Owt on the forums. (I will then check it's 50 and generate a coupon of £10 for you to use at

- You cannot advertise the discord link on other minecraft networks, This is toxic and if caught youre link will be deleted and you banned from participating. Send to friends, Encourage them to share with there own friends or even share it in Discord servers where people would like to join a new Minecraft server.
- Abusing the invite links (Getting the same person to join or creating alt accounts for example)
- There is currently no limit on this, Other than yourself. Very good for the extra popular individuals. ;)

Any questions? Reply to the thread or contact me through private message!

- The only other way currently to get free shop coupons is by being part of the top three voters each month.

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