Marching into the month

Hi Everyone,
As you can probably tell, Updates and new content has been lacking recently, It's caused less players and growth for the Network, We've seen this and we've put togther a plan of action to get this network popping.

Firstly, We will be going cracked within the next few months, An exact date will be confirmed. (We're doing a lot of research into this to make it as good of a transition as possible). We'll be listening to any feedback regarding this, as we go.

Secondly, New content;

Skyblock - A reset will be released within the next week, Offering a new type of economy based system with the use of minions (This is to replace spawners and increase server performance)
Hub - We will be replacing the hub to something original and likely changing features available to use (Whilst offering donor perks here)
KitPVP - Still in Beta, Following Feedback we're fixing any glitches that may arise, Please have a play and let us know what you think!
OP-Factions - The reset will come early next month, Changing from Factions to OP-Factions, A lot of new server-sided content will be available to keep you all entertained.
Annihilation - We're working behind the scenes, adding more maps and should be ready for beta release within the next few weeks. @eytixis has taken lead on this server, The plugin we're using is open source and his development knowledge will allow features and fixes to come to the server as fast as they're picked up.
Survival - As you can tell, Creative has been removed from the Network. We're working behind the scenes to replace this with Survival. Whilst nothing is set in stone, it should hit the network within the next four weeks.

Lastly, Our donation shop has been taken offline until we release Skyblock. We will be offering more ranks, prices in some cases will be increased, top donators currently will be given the top donator ranks and other ranks will be given a few donator ranks above to allow for the value change (It will likely be more) Me and @ImUncertain want to be completely transparent here, Whilst the first goal of donations will always look to keep the Network alive and updated, We will also be treating this as our own business going forward, This will keep us motivated to keep the content coming.

A big shoutout and thanks to the Build Team, Working none stop to help us meet our deadlines for server releases. We couldn't do any of this without them.

P.S. Once the store is back online, We'll be starting regular Giveaways and competitions to win coupons. Ensure you're part of our Discord server to not miss out!