OP-Factions - May Reset Updates & Downtime report

Hello there, as you may know, OP-Factions Season 1 ended on the 1st of May and Season 2 commenced on the 2nd.

We utilise this time to perform most non-essential major plugin updates, for example Factions. For a majority, updating the factions plugin Mid-season would only happen if a major bug was identified and fixed in a newer release.

The major changes to the gamemode were:
To be honest, we didn't really make much major gameplay changes this season.
We did however add Outposts, Outposts are similar to a KOTH, difference being once an Outpost is captured it remains active and contestable. Once your team has captured the Outpost, you may receive special effects or rewards. They should be implemented partly by the end of today.
We added more KoTHs (Some of them just need setting up)
We have enabled Regen Walls & Cobble monsters
Implemented AC Hard bans, everyone who is banned is required to prove they are not cheating in some way before we are willing to adjust the anticheat for them (Will be looked at case by case, some checks are more solid than others and logs can also be checked to help determine if they were infact cheating)
Border Changed (We used the natural Solid border, visible for 1.8+), and the same border as last map just around the solid border to enforce it completely and ensure no aliens.

Other Changes?:
Fixed console spam for Custom Enchantment plugin due to outdated factions hook.
Minor custom enchantment changes; minor nerfs to max enchants for some of the Management enchants(Mostly preventing Strength 4 & Healthboost 3 or 4)
Envoy fix, they no longer just linger around spawn, they actually despawn.
Added vouchers, instead of getting a full kit whilst opening crates, you will now receive a voucher.
^ Added Vouchers(Ranks) to crates, including Vote crates. Vote Ranks are 2 weeks long.

I may have forgotten some stuff.

Last night, a anti-dupe plugin seems to have gone rogue on restart and caused a lot of peoples stuff to "Unstack" without giving the rest of the items, so, potion stacks, armor stacks, weapon stacks and pearls (basically, anything that cant be superstacked normally.) and set the item stack to 1. We have since removed this plugin, we have installed a backup that we had of the PVs and I did as much manual labour as I could to fix it. Granted, I may have missed a few things, however, we will be releasing a kit for everyone to redeem for the rest of the reset as an apology for this massive headache.

This also brought to light an issue we had with server backups as a whole, as we believed it was backed up daily which unfortunately was not the case; which is partly why it took so much longer. We have now rectified this issue and are confident, no data corruption/rogue plugins will cause any drama again.