TeaMC - A new beginning

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Not many people know about this project or website but for those that do, I plan on updating this article regularly on what we've been doing and what we've changed to get TeaMC working.

Thanks for sticking around


- Domain name purchased
- Web hosting purchased
- Forum installed
- Forum theme design complete excluding the addition of the server logo (Thanks Rob and Arya)
- Server hosting and IP port complete (
- Skyblock server created
- plugins added and configured
- beta testing bugs/economy
- Added Gunpowder to shop
- Added arrows to shop
- Bonemeal removed from shop (Can sell/buy bones + Fixes minor eco glitch)
- Replaced bedrock with gravel on shop
- Workbenches and enderchests to /warp mine
- Spawn eggs added to shop (Please offer feedback on prices)
- Lapis showing as 'INC_SACK' on some buy screens cannot be fixed. This is due to how Mojang added Lapis to the game and it's item ID.
- Iron golem suffocates on some islands. It's not essential so it dying doesn't cause concern.
- Sugar sells for same price as sugarcane. Sugar can no longer be bought.
- No hopper limit on islands. Can be changed later if needed.
- Raised price of selling iron
- reduced price of selling cactus
- Grammar issues should be fixed upon restart
- Doors, fences and grass not connecting has been fixed
- Can now say the word 'item'
- Slime spawn eggs added to shop. (Cannot sell slimes or slimeblocks due to a glitch currently)
- Doubles sell price of cobblestone and raised price to sell stone.
- Bungee added
- Server Hub added
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Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.