Hiring New Builders

We're currently searching for highly motiviated individuals of different experience and knowledge to become part of TeaMC's Build Team.
Interested? Apply: https://tea-mc.com/forums/builder-applications.33/ *Please remember to follow the template.

Hello there, as you may know, OP-Factions Season 1 ended on the 1st of May and Season 2 commenced on the 2nd.

We utilise this time to perform most non-essential major plugin updates, for example Factions. For a majority, updating the factions plugin Mid-season would only happen if a major bug was identified and fixed in a newer release.

The major changes to the gamemode were:
To be honest, we didn't really make much major gameplay changes this season.
We did however add Outposts, Outposts are similar to a KOTH, difference being once an Outpost is captured it remains active and contestable. Once your team has captured the Outpost, you may receive special effects or rewards. They should be implemented partly by the end of today.
We added more KoTHs (Some of them just need setting up)
We have enabled Regen Walls & Cobble monsters
Implemented AC Hard bans, everyone who is banned is required to prove they are not cheating in some way before we are willing to adjust the anticheat for...
April Top Voters will be listed below, Congratulations on reaching the podium guys!

*Winners please message me either on here or Discord for your voucher.

Top Voters

1st Place: ($75 coupon)

2nd Place: ($50 coupon)

3rd Place: ($30 coupon)

top voters.png

The Network will be turning cracked on 1st May 2020.
Any premium account users are expected to register before then to avoid issues with people stealing accounts.

Simply; Login into play.tea-.com and register your account with a password and an email.

Thanks for everyones support throughout the transition. :)
Hi Everyone,
As you can probably tell, Updates and new content has been lacking recently, It's caused less players and growth for the Network, We've seen this and we've put togther a plan of action to get this network popping.

Firstly, We will be going cracked within the next few months, An exact date will be confirmed. (We're doing a lot of research into this to make it as good of a transition as possible). We'll be listening to any feedback regarding this, as we go.

Secondly, New content;

Skyblock - A reset will be released within the next week, Offering a new type of economy based system with the use of minions (This is to replace spawners and increase server performance)
Hub - We will be replacing the hub to something original and likely changing features available to use (Whilst offering donor perks here)
KitPVP - Still in Beta, Following Feedback we're...
February Top Voters will be listed below, Congratulations on reaching the podium guys!

*Winners please message me either on here or Discord for your voucher.

Top Voters

1st Place: (£30 coupon)

2nd Place: (£20 coupon)

3rd Place: (£10 coupon)

January Top Voters will be listed below, Congratulations on reaching the podium guys!

*Winners please message me either on here or Discord for your voucher.

Top Voters

1st Place: (£30 coupon)

2nd Place: (£20 coupon)

3rd Place: (£10 coupon)

On the 7th of February Factions will be closing for the indefinite future as many players said that we should do OP-Factions,
I have taken on board a lot of the bugs and stuff that people had this Season, it really has been a rocky road and I thank those that do still do get on.

Factions Top Calculations:
The /faction top winner will be calculated on Thursday the 6th of February so that we can get your reward in time for Start of the Chapter/Season.

I'm very excited to bring OP-Factions to Tea-MC as always, we have our plans to create something fun to play and unique feeling all whilst allowing you to feel right at home and coming with the release is 2 brand new lower tier ranks: Coal and Iron, we are yet to determine a price point for them but they will both be underneath Gold and as feature filled as we can get them.

We will also be adding more crates, improving our Sell Wand Selection and pricing & a few more lovely items will be hitting shop.tea-mc.com very soon...
Congratulations to December's Top Voters

First Place: £30 Shop Coupon

Second Place: £20 Shop Coupon

Third Place: £10 Shop Coupon

Thanks again for all of the support guys, It really is helping the Network grow!
Goodluck for January, May the best voters; Win.

Hi Everyone, I'm writing this article to keep everyone updated on everything that's happening with TeaMC currently.

We're currently running Giveaways on our Discord server on a regular basis for both server ranks and shop coupons. If you'd like to join in, You can join our Discord server here: https://discordapp.com/invite/S3emrW7

Annihilation hasn't been forgotten. It's been delayed, I've used multiple plugins however I've had to admit defeat due to bugs or lack of features. We've made the decision we will be using a fairly old plugin (Which is still stable) as it's got all the features to launch the server as well as the positive of it being opensource so our development team can constantly work on updates and bug fixes.
* We've got a custom lobby being built by @XxSandstyles_ - We aim to be releasing Annihilation (On a testing scenario) within the next week or so.

Yes, It's official. KitPvP is...
A massive thanks to everyone who has been supporting the Network, Whether through donations or voting, it's greatly appriciated and as you can see, We are steadily growing in players. It's working!

Novembers Top Voters will be listed below, Congratulations on reaching the podium guys!

Top Voters

1st Place: (£30 coupon)

2nd Place: (£20 coupon)

3rd Place: (£10 coupon)

*Winners, Please send me a message on the forums for your coupon*​

Going forward we will keep the coupons the same for December, You can keep track of your live voting stats via https://tea-mc.com/vote/ (Stats are being tracked, Names will be fixed soon for everyone)
Hello Tea-MC Players!

Today I'm bringing a little test the management team has decided to run to help populate the server and in turn giving those who help, Coupons to use at the shop.

What do I need to do to claim the free coupon?
- It's rather simple really, All you have to do is create an invite on discord and set it so it never expires. (Click here for an example)
- Invite 50 players to the TeaMC Discord.
- Once you've successfully invited 50 players to the discord, Messgage @Nowt4Owt on the forums. (I will then check it's 50 and generate a coupon of £10 for you to use at shop.tea-mc.com)

- You cannot advertise the discord link on other minecraft networks, This is toxic and if caught youre link will be deleted and you banned from participating. Send to friends, Encourage them to share with there own friends or even share it in Discord servers where people would like to join a new Minecraft server.
- Abusing the...
As advertised, The top voter of October (Our first month being launched) I would gave away the highest donator rank on Skyblock (Overlord)

The Top Voter of October is:
Blake05 (42 votes)

Congratulations on being top voter, Your rank has been dispatched and awaits you next time you log in.

What happens going forward?
Starting Novemeber (2019) there will be changes to the top voter prizes.

The Top Voter will recieve a £30 coupon to be used in the TeaMC Shop
Second Top Voter will recieve a £20 coupon to be used in the TeaMC Shop
Third Top Voter will recieve a £10 coupon to be used in the TeaMC Shop

Myself and the staff team wish you the best of luck in voting and would like to take a minute to thank everyone with the continued support of TeaMC, Thank you

Voting Results:

My name is Rob, known in game as TheRoberto or rmozzet6 depending on who you ask. I'd like to welcome you to TeaMC, a project started by @Nowt4Owt, @Luffy, and I. We hope to grow as a network, and as a community to provide the best server we can. Currently we are hosting a skyblock server, but we hope in the future to expand and offer a multitude of different games on our network. We hope that you'll tag along with us and watch our progress on this server. If you have any questions, feel free to contact @Nowt4Owt or I and we'd be happy to help.

Hope to see you around


Not many people know about this project or website but for those that do, I plan on updating this article regularly on what we've been doing and what we've changed to get TeaMC working.

Thanks for sticking around


- Domain name purchased
- Web hosting purchased
- Forum installed
- Forum theme design complete excluding the addition of the server logo (Thanks Rob and Arya)
- Server hosting and IP port complete (play.tea-mc.com)
- Skyblock server created
- plugins added and configured
- beta testing bugs/economy
- Added Gunpowder to shop
- Added arrows to shop
- Bonemeal removed from shop (Can sell/buy bones + Fixes minor eco glitch)
- Replaced bedrock with gravel on shop
- Workbenches and enderchests to /warp mine
- Spawn eggs added to shop (Please offer feedback on prices)
- Lapis showing as 'INC_SACK' on some buy screens cannot be fixed. This is due to how Mojang added Lapis to the game and it's item ID.
- Iron golem suffocates on some islands...